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~ Your body exists in the past and your mind exists in the future. In yoga, they come together in the present. ~
B.K.S. Iyengar

About Us

Branches of Yoga is a small yoga studio nestled in the heart of Sykesville, MD. Our mission is to invite others to join this small community and for each student to reach their full potential. We offer a variety of classes and levels throughout the week and will continue to add classes as needed.

Why Practice Yoga

There are many different reasons that people adopt the practice of yoga. Often they start doing yoga to help battle chronic pain, injuries, illness, anxiety and depression or they are just looking for something different. I believe that no matter what reason has brought us to the practice of yoga, we are all seeking a deeper connection within ourselves so that we can live a full and happy life.

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Meet The Instructors


Anna Kirker


A former professional ballet dancer, Anna discovered and fell in love with yoga while struggling with post partum and post dance career depression. Initially she was first drawn to the mat because of the grace and strength of the asanas but she soon learned it was the focus on breathing and the mind body connection that was helping to heal her spirit. Anna completed her RYT 200 training at the Yoga Center of Columbia under Kathy Donnelly and Lucy Lomax. She teaches an energetic yet mindful flow class that links the poses together with an awareness of breath, body and mind.


Stacey Swierzbinski

Founder, RYT

Stacey's yoga journey began 7 years ago after having long time struggles with depression and anxiety. Stacey was looking for ways to help with these issues and came across an article how yoga can help and decided to give it a try. Stacey immediately fell in love with the practice and continued to attend weekly classes. In 2012 Stacey decided to take the 200 hour yoga teaching training to deepen her personal practice and played with the idea of teaching but was still unsure. After gratuating from Blue Heron Wellness in Silver Spring Stacey began teaching a small group of friends and slowly found the confidence to continue teaching adding additional classes along the way. In addition to the 200 hour YTT Stacey completed 30 hours in Kundalini yoga at Sky House Yoga in Silver Spring. Stacey's teaching style includes meditation, slow flow, building strength, and finding ease while holding and breathing in the postures. Stacey is scheduled to begin the 300 hour advanced teacher training in 2017 with The Yoga Center of Columbia under Bita Jenkins.


Crystal Wissinger


Crystal began her journey with yoga some 8 years ago after a traumatic knee injury during her stent as a collegiate athlete. Crystal quickly discovered that yoga served to balance her athletic passion and her curiosity into herself, as well as her longing for a deeper spiritual experience. Living well become the primary goal in Crystal’s life, and as a result she went on to become a teacher in the Hatha Yoga style. Crystal teaches a dynamic series of sequenced postures that meld together to promote vitality, awareness, embodiment, and connection to breath. Crystal has had the opportunity to move her work beyond the walls of a studio by bringing yoga to children in camps, children with development and learning delays, and as a training element for collegiate athletic teams. In Crystal’s classes you can expect a mindful vinyasa flow with a focus on graceful strength. She uses the heat that naturally radiates from the body’s movement to open up tight joints and reduce stress stores in the body and mind.


Jessica Smith


Jessica found yoga back in 2007 while working as a personal trainer. She started taking hatha yoga classes offered at the gym to balance out tight muscles from running. In 2010 Jessica stumbled upon a Baptiste style class and has been hooked since. That same year she completed a 200 hour teacher training at M Body Yoga in Jacksonville, Florida. In addition to ten years of personal practice, Jessica is certified by the Yoga Alliance and National Academy of Sports Medicine; she brings a strong knowledge of movement and alignment as well as a love of the practice. Jessica encourages students to push beyond their comfort zone on and off the mat.


Becky Berg


Becky started practicing yoga more than 20 years ago and, in 2009, became a yoga instructor certified through Yoga Therapeutic Studio. She had additional training at the Kripalu Yoga Center "Yoga for the Rest of Us" and "Gray Matters! Teaching Yoga to Seniors Workshop". She learned from one of her wise instructors that it is "yoga practice, not yoga perfect". She has found that as our bodies age, as well as other for reasons, modifications may be needed. And most importantly, yoga can be beneficial for everyone. The practice of yoga has been a major continuing factor in Becky’s flexibility, self-confidence and peace.


Kim Flyr


Kim found yoga in 2002 when a friend invited her to a class at the Yoga Center of Columbia, and she was instantly hooked. Practicing faithfully since then, Kim credits yoga with helping lower her stress, helping her integrate mind/body/spirit, and generally bringing more balance to her life (on and off the mat). Kim completed her teacher training at Yoga Center of Columbia in 2008, under director Kathy Donnelly, and loves sharing the many benefits and blessings of yoga with her students. Kim’s style is welcoming and warm, and she enjoys teaching students of all levels. Kim is also a private practice counselor, writer, wife, and mother of three.


Bob McDowell


Bob has enjoyed many different types of physical activity to include yoga, pilates and tai chi. He is certified in yoga through Yama therapeutic studio of Westminster and the Himalayan Institute for 500 hours RYT. His style reflects a one to one approach for learning which can be managed in a studio class format as well. Other training such as stress management was conducted at the ashram at Yogaville in Virginia. As a long time resident of Carroll County, you may see him jogging or riding a bike through Sykesville or at the local book club meetings


Christine Pilson

In my 30’s I was a new Mom with a stressful career. For years I struggled with IBS, joint pain, and a host of other issues. After little success with traditional doctors and medicine, I began a journey to find my own answers. I soon discovered that true health is so much more than just diet and exercise. It’s about bringing together all the things in life that nourish you, like having loving and supportive relationships, finding work you love, and a meaningful spiritual practice. This path led me to become a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. I am also a member of the International Association for Health Coaches. I lead workshops on a variety of health and wellness issues. I also offer one-on-one or group sessions to support people in meeting their health goals. I believe in the mind/body/spirit connection and that food is medicine. I am passionate about teaching others to take charge of their own health and happiness and to live a more joyful and fulfilling life. Sometimes we just need a little guidance and support to get on track!


Kate Blom


Kate received her RYT200 training under the guidance of Kim Manfredi at Charm City Yoga in 2016. Her teaching is based in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and her classes reflect the principle of moving mindfully. She teaches a dynamic, energizing flow that incorporates metaphysical and subtle aspects of Yogic Philosophy. She seeks to help students develop physical strength and flexibility as well as mental stillness. She practices to connect with her higher self and move deeper into the heart.


Nichole Yungwirth


Nichole has been creating custom massages since receiving her license in 2008. By integrating multiple modalities such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Sports, Reiki, Reflexology and Aromatherapy she works towards bringing the mind, body, and spirit into a balance of wellness.

Class Descriptions


Gentle Yoga & Meditation

Ideal for beginners or continuing practioners who prefer a slower paced class. Emphasis will be on basic breathwork and alignment in basic seated and standing postures.


Beyond Basics

Recommended for practioners who have previous yoga experience. Emphasis will be on refining basic poses introduce more advanced postures, deeper breath awareness and build stamina, strength and flexability.


All Levels Yoga

This class is open to all levels of yoga. Clear instruction is given in breathing technique, warm-ups and postures. New students will develop body awareness, posture alignment and core strength in basic poses, while experienced students are encouraged to explore advanced variations in familiar postures. Everyone works to his or her own ability and comfort level.


Gental Chair Yoga

Ideal class for those that might have challenges getting up and down from the floor. Most yoga poses can be done using a chair whether you are sitting or standing in the postures. Open to all levels. The chair is a great addition to your practice from a beginner to an advanced practioner.


Power Yoga

This class is a challenging and flowing form of yoga that will torch calories, tone your body, and relax your mind. This class is suitable for students of all levels- beginners, intermediate and advanced.


Yoga 1+

Not a yoga 1, not a yoga 2 but somewhere in between. Ideal for beginners and continuing practioner's who prefer more of a yoga 1 experience.

Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind

~ Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are ~

Class Information

  • Mondays - Gentle Yoga & Meditation with Stacey - 4:45 PM to 6:00 PM

    Tuesdays - Yoga 1/2 with Crystal - 5:30 PM to 6:45 PM

    Thursdays - All Levels Yoga with Stacey - 6:30 PM to 7:45 PM

    Fridays - All Levels Yoga Flow with Anna - 10:00 AM to 11:15 AM

    Wednesdays - Yoga 1+ with Kim - 9:30 AM to 10:45 AM

    Mondays - Power Yoga with Jessica - 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM

    Saturdays - Weekend Express Yoga with Rotational - 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM

    Wednesdays - Beginner Series with Becky - 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM

    Tuesdays - Teen Yoga with Crystal - 4:15 PM to 5:15 PM

    Thursdays - Relax and Restore with Stacey - 4:45 PM to 6:00 PM

    Wednesdays - All Levels Vinyasa Flow with Kate - 7:00 PM to 8:15 PM

  • Should I eat before class?

    It is best to practice yoga on an empty stomach. Two hours after you eat it’s okay to practice. If you do need to eat before eat something light such as a banana or yogurt.

    Do I have to be flexible to practice yoga?

    This is probably the most asked question. The answer is no. Yoga is more about calming the mind, a spiritual and healing practice. Flexibility is only one part and practicing yoga regularly will help to gain flexblity over time.

    • Prices
    • Drop-in - $15
    • 4 Class Pass - $54
    • 6 Class Pass - $80
    • 8 Class Pass - $100
    • 12 Class Pass - $150
    Private Sessions

    Private sessions available upon request.

  • Inclement Weather

    Class cancellations will be posted on Branches of Yoga website two hours prior to class. You may take another class that is offered at any time during the session to make up cancelled classes.

    Class Attendance

    Class passes expire four months from the date of purchase.

    Refund Policy

    Refunds are considered on a case by case basis. Administrative fee may be applied in the amount of $25.00.

    Medical Conditions

    Please inform your instructor of any medical conditions or if you are pregnant.

  • I've wanted to take yoga for years and finally got up the "courage" to do it when I went to a community class taught by Stacey. Branches of Yoga is the ideal place to start or continue your yoga practice. Smaller classes and the intimate, peaceful setting make it the perfect spot to relax and just concentrate on yoga!! Stacey is a gifted and thoughtful teacher who is tuned in to the needs of her students and is always willing to help in any way you might need. I can't say enough about Stacey and this wonderful studio.


    We started taking classes at Branches of Yoga in February with no experience and we're definitely hooked! Stacey's classes are fun and challenging in a relaxing atmosphere. In the four months we've been going, no two classes have been the same. We love the variety. We also love how Stacey makes sure we're doing the poses correctly and that we're comfortable doing them. We never worry about how we look doing the poses either thanks to Stacey's encouragement. We highly recommend Branches of Yoga!

    Jeremy & Tracy

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